Nmap for windows 9x

If in linux more We Can Easily learn the hacking and security this case Because of the many possible tools at truly reliable scaning complete. This certainly makes windows users disheartenedread more

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Recover deleted files with FILE RECOVERY

Some people who work with either Windows or Linux computers generally made a mistake by deleting the file, this time we try the language of how to restore files accidentally deleted with the help of software FileRecovery for windows how: 1. Download the application from the menu http://www.lc-tech.com donwload 2. Run the application filerecovery.exe File -> Open Drive, select the (more…)

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Bypass root password linux centos

Forgot root password? or want to restore the root password on linux? without the necessary tools or baypass recovery with live cd, want to know the solutionis easy? how: 1. Rebooting linux CentOS. 2. Entrance into the grub selection. 3. Press e at grub CentOS 4. Select the kernel on the second row 5. Press e again 6. Enter a space and the number one "1 (more…)

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Configure your resolution in Debian

Unable to change screen resolution. When installed, and did not choose the properresolution, a temporary solution that can be used is to press Ctrl + Alt + arows (+,-) onthe keypad, to change the resolution, at a resolution requesting the required debian. Another solution is to re-setting our graphics card, assuming you are using nvidia. do something like this: # apt-cache search nvidia | grep 2.6.26 # apt-get install nvidia-kernel-2.6.26-2-686 # apt-cache search nvidia (more…)

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bad application camera n900

Hasil jepretan pada n900 itu jelek dan hasilnya memang jelek dengan camera standart mau tau penyebabnya? dari garis biru dipinggir lensa yang ada dicover :najis beberapa orang diluar sudah komplenread more

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