Protect your folders with password using Javascript

Here is how to secure a folder with a password giving in the folder with javascript tapped on windows. how: 1. Open Windows Explorer press the Start button -> All Programs -> My Computer 2. Move your mouse pointer over a folder to view filefile in it. 3. Then press the View button in Windows Explorer, followed by select "Customizethis Folder" 4. Select "EDIT OR CREATE AN HTML DOCUMENT" In (more…)

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Delete files permanently on the windows

How to delete files belonging to a secret so as not to be returned perfect in order to maintain security for the file can not be read by people who do not responsible? Application using the File Shredder to delete files so that non-refundable how: 1. Download the application from http://www.gregorybraun.com. 2. Run the File Shredder Highlight the target file in your folder and do the "drag anddrop" file to enter (more…)

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Resource Hacker to reverse engineering software

Resource Hacker, a reverse engineering software that works to change the overallappearance of a software program that works to edit the executable files that have a.exe and. etc. As with experimental material we try to change the display languagemirc.exe software already installed on our Windows computers : how: 1. Downlod the application of http://www.users.on.net/johnson/resourcehacker/ 2. Run Resource Hacker and then you open the target application files ----> open ->mirc.exe 3. We will be confronted by two windows on the left we can see the folder tree, 4. Then navigate to the folder menu -> 60read more

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PHP cross-platform on linux and windows

A CMS or Content Management System commonly used on web sites which can represent various categories in accordance with that required to make portal, making the shopping stores to create a bulletin board onlien. CMS established a scripting language PHP together with MySQL Database combination of both to create a CMS that cangih and flexible as it is supported by PHP which is cross-platforms can be (more…)

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